As a synthetic group, our research provides access to materials with hybrid hierarchical 2D architectures.

We develop new concepts for advanced materials based on a molecular design. Experimental skills within the fields of synthetic chemistry, self-assembly, inorganic templating, and physical chemistry are required to achieve that goal.

Our current main interests are:

  • Growth and crystallization methods of covalents organic frameworks (COFs) with 2D layered structure
  • Controlled COF growth
  • Supramolecular chemistry and binding of COF materials

Techniques and methods you can learn in our group:

Synthetic organic synthesis of small molecules incl. their characterization (NMR, IR, MS, etc)

Synthetic polymer chemistry of 2D crystalline polymers (2D covalent organic frameworks) and functionalization of linear polymers

Supramolecular chemistry, host–guest interactions and their quantitative analysis

Single-crystal X-ray crystallography (crystal growth, mount crystals and measure X-ray driffraction, analyze X-ray data and solution of structure)

Advanced NMR spectroscopy (2D techniques between heteroatoms, diffussion-ordered NMR, and NMR titrations)

Advanced microscopy (TEM, AFM, SEM, fluorescence confocal)

Electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry

Optical spectroscopy (UV/vis/NIR, fluorescence emission)

Computational Chemistry (quantum chemical calculations, DFT methods, simulations of spectroscopic and molecular properties, molecular dynamics, reactions pathways and mechanisms)

Please contact us directly to learn about our specific projects.

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